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Williamsburg Engagement Session // Caitlin + Max

As most of you already know, at KBP we love nontraditional couples…  they refuse to conform and choose to live life their own way - no matter what anyone else thinks.  We feel so so lucky that these wedding rebels are drawn to our work and our ethos …. of not following the pack and doing what makes you happy on your wedding day (and in life) and wanting photos that reflect that!

Caitlin + Max are no exception.  They both discussed not wanting to do an engagement ring, so Max surprised Caitlin by proposing with a cat instead (which happens to be one of the coolest cats I’ve ever met).  You don’t get more nontraditional than that.  I was so lucky to spend the day with these two in their apartment with their kitty and then strolling around their neighborhood … as well as hitting up the brand spanking new Domino Park in Williamsburg.  We ended at their favorite spot (Meadowsweet) where Max proposed. It was perfect!

Cannot wait for their super laid back North Brooklyn Farms Wedding this September!

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