We are a group of wedding and portrait photographers based in
Brooklyn + Nashville + SoCal who share a passion for capturing your vibe as a couple in the most genuine and fun way possible.  No stiff posed portraits or fake smiles here.  

Our personalities are laid back and fun, but also assertive (giving direction when needed). Though, we find most of the magic happens when we are just capturing you being you ... doing your thing and enjoying your day.   Our favorite shots are taken when you forget the camera is even there, so we will often slip into the background and capture all of the magic as its unfolding.   

Our favorite clients think outside of the box, have their own unique style and don't want cookie cutter photos.  If this is you, let's  chat!

Check out our individual portfolios below.

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Khaki / Owner + Lead Photographer

Thanks so much for taking an interest in our work!  I am truly flattered and honored that such amazing people trust us to capture their love and their lives in my own unique way.   Since you're here, little more info about me:  I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design beforing moving to NYC to work in Digital Imaging at the iconic photojournalism agency Magnum Photos. After shooting several weddings for friends I found my passion in an unexpected place and vowed to never work in an office again!  Fast forward and I have now been running my business for over 10+ years and have photographed hundreds of weddings + awesome couples and love what I do.

When I'm not shooting weddings, I am hanging out with my kids (Lulu and Greta) or shooting personal work with my Yashica T4.  I love traveling and spending time at home with my musician hubby and our daughters.  We split our time between our two favorite cities - Brooklyn and Nashville!
Photo by the lovely Kelli Dirks


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Our Lead Photographers are an amazing group of talented people who share the same vision and style as Khaki when it comes to photographing weddings.  With years of experience shooting solo, they are a great option if you just LOVE their work or if Khaki is already booked on your date.  They are also our go-to peeps for many of our City Hall Weddings, Engagement Sessions, portrait shoots and other events. Khaki still edits everything herself everything always has that same KBP look and feel.

Lead Photographer

Our Brooklyn girl! Her style is fun and laid back. Loves playing with shadows and always on the lookout for cool backdrops in the city.


Lead Photographer

Dan is not only an AMAZING Photographer, he is also just the person you want to hang with you on your wedding day!  He currently splits his time between NYC + San Diego.


Lead Photographer

Much like her free-spirited self, Sarina's aesthetic is light and airy but also grounded.  As a recent LA transplant, she is currently only booking So Cal shoots.





We're excited to announce we have recently added some super talented, amazing cinematographers to our crew! Think Art House film versus anything traditional.  Our team of Cinematographers use their cameras to give you a real sense of how it felt to be there, not just what it looked it.  The art is not only in the shooting, but also in the edit... beautifully piecing together your day moment by moment, memories slipping in and out of the frame with a dreamlike quality. 

Our Team of Cinematographers


Jenica is so cool and collected you'll hardly notice she is there at all.  She takes a fly on the wall approach while capturing genuine emotions and all the feels of your day. Intimate ceremonies and off the beaten path venues are her jam. Just an all around awesome person and calming presence to have with you on your wedding day!


Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Larissa studied Fine Arts at Maryland Institute College of Art before settling into Brooklyn NY. Her background in Fine Art gives her a keen eye for the use of light, depth and movement.  She also has a talent for creating visual intimacy to her subjects.


Stefanie is a true adventurer with a beautiful spirit.... In her younger years she worked on sailboats in the Caribbean, hitchhiked across Europe, lived in a van and also walked across Spain with her boyfriend. She loves shooting weddings and capturing memories for our clients! 


Silvia hails from Barcelona, but now calls Brooklyn home.  Her wanderlust heart keeps her on the go though, so definitely reach out for other destination weddings + shoots as well.

Photo by: Laila Von Alvensleben


We have been featured in The New York Times, New York Weddings Magazine, Style Me Pretty,
Green Wedding Shoes, Brooklyn Bride, Ruffled Blog, Junebug, The Knot, Inspire Weddings,
Premier Weddings (Japan), Carats & Cake, Brides.com and Rock N Roll Bride to name a few!

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Will we be a good fit?

We feel the #1 thing to consider before hiring a photographer is: Would I want to be friends with this person?  As a couple, you will be spending more time with your photographer than anyone else on your wedding day.  So, it is very important to hire someone you really click with and will enjoy spending the day with... and who will actually make the experience more fun for you.

Our clients tend to be laid back, fun, quirky, and non-traditional, which really fits our personalities as well. They aren't looking for photos of every single guest sitting at their dinner table and don't give us lengthy shot lists... they hire us because they love our in-the-moment approach and trust our ability to capture the vibe of their wedding day and how it felt to be there.

We love the unexpected and all the imperfections that come along with the crazy fun day that will be totally unique to you!  If you want to try and emulate the 'perfect' photos you saw on Pinterest, we probably won't be a good fit.  We really thrive when collaborating with couples who give us free reign and trust us to capture their day honestly and artfully.

If you've checked out our work and like our laid back and candid approach, please shoot us an email to schedule a phone call or Zoom chat.


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