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In house video? Yes sir ee!!  Meet Silvia :)

We're excited to announce we have added a super talented, amazing cinematographer to our crew!  Her name is Silvia and she is legit.  Think Art House film versus anything traditional.  She uses her camera to give you a real sense of how it felt to be there, not just what it looked it.  For Silvia, the art is not only in the shooting, but also in the editing... beautifully piecing together your day moment by moment... memories slipping in and out of the frame with a dreamlike quality. 

Silvia hails from Barcelona, but now calls Brooklyn home.  Her wanderlust heart keeps her on the go though, so definitely reach out for other destination weddings + travel shoots as well.  Check out her work below!

Portrait by: Laila Von Alvensleben

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Shayna + Rich / Wythe Hotel Wedding, Brooklyn

Renee + James / NYC Wedding

Jess + Jimmie / Barcelona Wedding

Yin + Katie / Handome Hollow Wedding, Upstate NY

Kristen + James, Newport CT Wedding

Marissa + Eric

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